The different card

Effect:  – Someone in the audience pick a card, and for everybody surprise, that card is the only one with a different back. Materials:  – Two decks of cards with different back colour. Presentation and  Secret: The cards are shown regularly, noticing that all are different cards Turn the deck face up and Start passing […]

Air floating matches

Effect:  – You can turn an open matchbox upside down and the matches doesn´t fall. Materials:  – Matchbox (with matches). Presentation and  secret: Open a matchbox  half way, then turn it upside down and continue opening the box until both parts are separated. The matches doesn´t fal! Suddenly, alter a soft move, all the matches […]

Sounding invisible matches

Effect:  -The magician shows an empty matchbox, but when he shakes it, it sound like a full of matches one. Materials:  – 2 matchboxes – an elastic rubber band Presentation and  Secret: The performer picks a matchbox, shakes it, and it sounds like a regular one, but when he opens the box, it is empty! […]

Air floating rope

Effect: – A rope floates in the air, and then a bottle floates.  Materials:  – A long neck opaque bottle, or painted, a piece of cork, cutre or knife. Presentation and  Secret: The performer Lodz a bottle, puts a rope into it, turns the bottle and the rope doesn´t fall. Then he takes from the […]

The elevator deck

Effect: -Two card are putted in the middle of the deck , then, alter magical moves, the cards appears at the top of the deck. Materials:  -A deck of cards. Presentation and Secret: You rapidly show two cards that are on the table face down (6 of hearts, and 7 of diamonds). Then you lose […]

Unbreakable balloon

Efect: -Performer picks a needle and pierces the balloon, but it doesn´t pop. Materials: – a balloon – a needle – cellophane Presentation and Secret:   Performer picks a needle and suddenly pierces the balloon, but it doesn´t pop.   The secret is in previously gluing a piece of cellophane on the balloon, and piercing […]

The acrobat olive

Effect: -Performer puts an olive in a fingertip and it doesn´t fall. Materials: – a olive – toothpick Presentation and Secret:   You pick an olive and putt it in the fingertip. With the other hand you make magic moves hypnotizing the olive. The olive stays there. The secret is in holding a toothpick with […]

Cork in the bottle

Effect: -Performer takes a cork out from into the bottle without breaking it. Materials: – a bottle – cork – knife – silk handkerchief or similar Presentation and Secret: You challenge the audience to take out the cork without breaking it. They won´t be able. The secret is putting into the bottle half of a […]